Elles Lieben Interviewed about Eclypse Boot for Leaking Legs

Elles Lieben Interviewed about Eclypse Boot for Leaking Legs

Elles Lieben is the Territory Business Manager for Advancis' subsidiary in the Netherlands. A trained Nurse, Elles has almost 20 years experience at University Medical Centre Utrecht, and also helped to build both an operational hospital and school clinic over 6 years in the Middle East. She brings a vast wealth of knowledge into the company and her role.

Due to this, Elles is in a unique position to understand the challenges that healthcare professionals face when treating patients with wounds, and is able to guide in finding the right wound dressings and alternative solutions, especially when standard solutions are not enough.

Recently Elles was interviewed by SUP, the online ordering platform for healthcare professionals in the Netherlands, about our unique Eclypse Boot dressings and how their use can benefit both patients and healthcare professionals.

In the interview she discusses the design and features of the dressing as well as offering her top tips to currently practicing Nurses: Learn, Share and Keep Growing

Elles' Top Tips:

  • Stay informed about new developments in wound care. Knowledge is the key to providing the best care to your patients.
  • Share your knowledge and experience with colleagues and students. Cooperation and knowledge exchange strengthen the field of wound care.
  • Leverage innovative products such as Eclypse Boot to improve patients' quality of life and make efficient use of healthcare professionals' valuable time.
  • Keep following your passion and be proud of the work you do. Your commitment and dedication make a difference in the lives of your patients.

To visit the site and read the article click here: https://www.sup.nl/blog/elles-lieben-over-de-eclypse-boot-het-superabsorberende-wondverband-voor-huilende-benen